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CAMRA Ipswich & East Suffolk branch.

last updated 16/05/2018

Ipswich Coffee House

historical era: ancient


Overview | Historical info

Daniel Bamford, Innholder of Ipswich (inn not named) was convicted of suffering gambling at his House and was disabled from having a victualling licence for 3 years.Ipswich Journal, January 25th 1772***
Daniel Bamford, who keeps the Coffee House in Ipswich, had been disabled from selling Beer and Spiritous Liquors, for suffering Billiards to be played at his House in January, has had his Conviction removed and quashed by the Court.Ipswich Journal, June 6th 1772***
Auction of that long established & good accustom'd Inn, known as the Coffee House, in the Buttermarket, Ipswich, now in the occupation of Mr Jacob CHAPMAN.Ipswich Journal, February 14th 1801**

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

(** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)