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Population (2011) of Clopton: 375.

Local licensing authority for Clopton is Suffolk Coastal.

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About Clopton

Clopton is a scattered village with several long established farms. It was recorded in Domesday as "Clopetuna". John de Weyland obtained a charter from Edward I for a market and fair here but both are long gone. Clopton Hall dates from the 15th or 16th century.

Historically, the River Lark was navigable between Clopton and the Deben.

RAF Debach was built between Debach and Clopton, straddling the two parishes (though 90% in Clopton, despite the name). This Second World War airfield had the benefit of Thistledown Hall, a large and rather fine house located within the perimeter, which was used for billets during operations but was so badly damaged it was demolished afterwards. The USAF 493 Bomb Group equipped with B24 (Liberators) was based here from April 1944 until May 1945 and flew 162 missions. Afterwards, the site was used to house German POWs and other displaced persons, before closing in 1948.


Some details from "Suffolk Airfields in WW2" by Graham Smith.