Ilketshall St Margaret

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Population (2011) of Ilketshall St Margaret: 209.

Local licensing authority for Ilketshall St Margaret is Waveney district.

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About Ilketshall St Margaret

Now dry. In 1844 this parish contained 315 people. The Ilketshall vilages were recorded in Domesday as "Ilcheteshala".

The curiously-named Shoe Devil Lane must have an interesting story behind it; if you know what it is, please let us know. There's a suggestion it may have something to do with a local superstition about hidden shoes protecting from evil, but whether this is correct (the suggestion, not the superstition) is unknown.

A Hare & Hounds has been seen referred to as being in this parish, but this seems to be erroneous placing of the St Andrew Hare & Hounds.