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Population (2011) of West Stow: 174.

Local licensing authority for West Stow is St Edmundsbury.

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About West Stow

Now a dry parish, recorded in Domesday as "Stowa". West Stow is best known for the Anglo-Saxon village reconstructed on the site of a village excavated during the 1960s and 1970s.

For some time it was thought that this had always been a dry parish, but recently we've found evidence of an old pub here - probably closed by the 20th century.

The former Reading Room now operates as the local club, providing refreshment and a meeting place for the village. Ironically, it was originally set up by the local landowner to get people out of pubs, which he wanted closed.

A pub called the Swan has been erroneously attributed to this village on some websites, but they are actually referring to the pub of that name in Stuston.