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Population (2011) of Thelnetham: 254.

Local licensing authority for Thelnetham is St Edmundsbury.

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About Thelnetham

The village tower mill has been restored. Remains of a medieval preaching cross are still to be seen. Thelnetham was recorded in Domesday variously as "Teolftham", "Teluetteham", "Teolfcha" and "Thelueteham".

Turf Night is the first Monday after easter. On this night, when the church bell tolls, villagers stake their claims to plots on the local fen. Historically this allowed them to dig peat in the area they claimed, but now they just use wood cut from it.

Local magazine the Four Gazette covers the parishes of Hinderclay, Hepworth, Thelnetham and Wattisfield.

The remains of a stone cross in the orchard associated with the Evergreen Oak originally stood elsewhere in the village, where it was erected as a result of John Coles' will in 1527. The restored tower mill dates back to 1819.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.