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Population (2011) of Ousden: 266.

Local licensing authority for Ousden is St Edmundsbury.

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About Ousden

Set in a steep valley on the Cambridgeshire border and recorded in Domesday as "Uuesdana", the village's name means "Owls Valley" and owls are still common here today. May also historically be written as "Owsden". The correct pronunciation rhymes the first syllable with "cow". It appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Oueſden".

Demolished in 1955, the Hall was used as a POW camp during WW2. Formerly it was home to the Moseley, Ireland and Praed families. Because of the rather isolated location of the Parish Church, the Praed family gave the people of Ousden a Burial Ground in 1912, which may be seen almost a mile to the east of the church.