Oulton Broad

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Oulton Broad is part of Lowestoft parish.

Population (2011) of Lowestoft parish: 56 932.

Local licensing authority for Oulton Broad is Waveney district.

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About Oulton Broad

Now a part of the Lowestoft parish; there's now no obvious distinction between the two places, which have totally converged so it's hard to decide which pubs are where. To the north is Oulton village. The area around the Broad maintains its own character and is a highly popular destination for boating enthusiasts. Oulton is by far the largest freshwater Broad in Suffolk and has access into the River Waveney. There is a local history museum at Broad House (open Sat + Sun from April to Oct).

From 1988 to 1992 Forbes brewery was based in a local industrial unit close to Lake Lothing. The same site was subsequently used by Green Jack brewery from 1993 until about 2003 (when they moved to Lowestoft) and then by Oulton Ales until their closure in Dec 2008.

Oulton Broad South station was originally called Carlton Colville Station, but was renamed in 1927. Historically the whole southern area of Oulton Broad (also sometimes refered to as Mutford Bridge) may be listed as part of Carlton Colville.