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Population (2011) of Lound: 359.

Local licensing authority for Lound is Waveney district.

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About Lound

One of the county's most northerly parishes (and home to our most northerly pub), Lound was recorded in Domesday as "Lunda". The focal centre is the Mardle [1], a large duck pond, good views of which can be had from inside the pub! A tower mill, built in 1837, has been converted into residential use. Another mill nearby has gone without trace. Traces of what are said to have been prehistoric or Roman-era Lake Dwellings have been found in the area.

A Starfish and QL type bombing decoy was operated in the east of the parish (at TM 525 991) to deflect enemy bombing from the naval base at Great Yarmouth. See Pastscape for more information.

[1] Mardle is a Suffolk dialect word for a conversation. Because cattle and other beasts would stop at a pond to drink when being driven, the drovers would stop and chat. So a mardle also came to mean a pond.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.