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Population (2011) of Levington: 259.

Local licensing authority for Levington is Suffolk Coastal.

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About Levington

A settlement was recorded here in Domesday as "Leuentona" or "Leuetuna", when William de Burnovilla held the estate. Levington manor is still known as "Burnoville's" and may stand on the site of the Domesday settlement. On John Speed's 1610 map, the village appears as "Lennington". The Orwell estuary is a short walk from the current village via Levington creek. A large yachting marina is located on the east side of the creek.

Levington is probably most famous for the compost named after it, developed in the village by Fison's.

Broke Hall is a large country house dating from 1792. Broke House (a different building) was home to Arthur Ransome.

In December 2008, Levington was named as the best village in the country, winning the 2008 Calor Village of the Year contest. The Levington Local History Club was formed in 2008.