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Estimated population (2009) of Hawkedon: 120.

Local licensing authority for Hawkedon is St Edmundsbury.

A tiny hamlet and green in an area of outstanding beauty, overlooking the lower reaches of the river Glem. It was recorded in Domesday variously as "Hauochenduna", "Hauokeduna" and "Auokeduna" and appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Haukden". The remains of the village cross can be seen in Hawkedon Hall. About 1 mile to south lie Thurston Hall and Swan Hall, prime examples of early Tudor buildings. A Roman gladiator's helmet was excavated in the parish in 1965. The remains of a 14th or 15th century village cross remains in the garden of Hawkedon Hall.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.