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Population (2011) of Gislingham: 1040.

Local licensing authority for Gislingham is Mid Suffolk.

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About Gislingham

Gislingham is a small village which contains several pretty thatched buildings. It's one of five parishes which shared Allwood green as common land until its enclosure in the 19th century.

The village was recorded in Domesday variously as "Gislingheham", "Gislingaham", "Gildincham", "Gissilincham" and "Gislingham"; John Speed's 1610 map shows the village as "Gi┼┐lingham"

A tower mill on Mill Street was demolished in 1930. The old Guildhall dates from the late 15th century, but has been much altered since.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.